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GirishGPO has all different kind of investment opportunities available :

Short Term : GirishGPO or sister company Glenview Pharma do have short term investment opportunities from time to time,

Long-Term : GirishGPO is in a unique position to own rights to generic Rx products through the process called ANDA (Abbreviated New Drug Application)

Through ANDA one can own the legal rights for a generic Rx medication. ANDA is a multi-million-dollar business model/opportunity and cost between 1 million to 2.5 million dollar for each ANDA. Once the ANDA is approved, an applicant can manufacture and market generic drug product. But if you don’t want to manufacture that product or don’t have your own manufacturing unit you can get the product manufactured by US FDA approved contract manufacturer, if you have the rights of ANDA.

GirishGPO claims to have in-house expertise, resources and information network necessary to play so-called ANDA game very aggressively.

It is unique, very rewarding, challenging, and the best thing about the whole thing is GirishGPO is building massive sales and marketing network.

GirishGPO needs a lot of capital for the ANDA activity. Returns are very attractive. The capital raising will be registered with SEC.

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GirishGPO is the culmination of the founder’s 30+ years of experience in, and understanding of, the generic Rx distribution industry. As he navigated the industry, Girish Ray, president and CEO, came to realize that small, independent pharmacies are increasingly being taken advantage of by insurance companies...

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